Azteca America helps launch ¡No Esperes! Movement

Azteca America helps launch ¡No Esperes! Movement

Azteca America, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), and the Hispanic Advisory Council (HAC) of Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), announced that they have joined together to launch an imperative, new public service campaign centered on the topic of Hispanics and early detection of cancer—the ¡No Esperes! movement.

“Part of our mission at Azteca America is to help inform and educate our viewers about the important issues that affect their lives,” said Manuel Abud, president and CEO, Azteca America. “We are proud to partner with the USHCC and the HAC on this critical initiative to help drive awareness of the importance of cancer screening and early detection. Together, we will activate the power of community to make a positive difference.”

The ¡No Esperes! movement originated from the Hispanic Advisory Council (HAC) of CTCA® in response to the harsh realities of cancer within the Hispanic community, as well as the insight and direction derived from a series of community thought leader forums conducted in key cities throughout the U.S. During these forums, consistent feedback emerged, including the need for messaging on cancer within the Hispanic community. The ¡No Esperes! campaign and movement emphasizes the benefits of early detection. When discovered earlier, more treatment options can be made available. A simple screening or checkup can be the key to successful cancer treatment and getting on with life.

“Hispanics are succumbing to cancer at an alarming rate and we are truly humbled to be working with both Azteca America and the USHCC to alter that truth,” said Dr. Elena Rios, President of the National Hispanic Medical Association and Chairman of the HAC. “If the ¡No Esperes! movement can help change behaviors and inspire Hispanics to learn more about their family health history, pursue regular checkups and get screened for cancer, we will have collectively made a positive impact.”

As the leading advocate of Hispanic businesses, including many family-owned, the USHCC recognized the effects that cancer can have on both the Hispanic population as well as Hispanic business. Well-being is a strong factor when it comes to both family and business—a reality that inspired the national organization to help lead the movement.

“We are a business organization, but because cancer is so pervasive in our community, it touches nearly everyone in one way or another. Among many small Hispanic-owned businesses, the family and the business are one and the same. Cancer for one individual can potentially decimate the business, meaning devastating consequences for the entire family,” said Fernand Fernandez, USHCC interim president and CEO. “We feel this is an important issue and given that we have both a voice and a platform, we have an obligation to use them.”

As part of the ¡No Esperes! campaign partnership, Azteca America will air a series of PSAs promoting screening awareness and the importance of early detection on the network’s popular shows including “Venga la Alegria,” “Ventaneando” and “Al Extremo.” In addition, Dr. Ricardo Alvarez, MD, MSc, Medical Director of the Breast Cancer Center and Director of Research at CTCA Atlanta, will appear on Azteca America’s regional entertainment program, “Somos Texas” which airs in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Viewers interested in more information can visit For more information about the ¡No Esperes! movement and how to get involved, visit

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