Join us for the start of the Zero Transphobia Campaign 2020! During the whole series we will explore the many ways how we all can Protect, Support and Celebrate the Trans, GNC and Intersex communities.

This conversation is about safety issues in the Trans and gender variant communities. What can be done to eradicate violence and how can the community-at-large collaborate to establish safety for the Trans communities?

Join us in this conversation with community leaders on how to support our Trans siblings during the COVID-19 era and beyond. What resources are available for the Trans, GNC, and intersex individuals in the U.S.? Let’s discuss and start to intentionally create a network of change.

Celebrating our diversity and uniqueness is crucial when fighting stigma but how do we make sure we accomplish it? Join this conversation about celebrating our successes and milestones during our lives. Let us recognize our resilience and elaborate on how we express gratitude even during these rough times.


The last day of activities will feature a virtual art exhibition. If you are an emerging or established artist from our TGNC communities,  please send us your art in digital form so that it can be seen nationally. All forms of art will be accepted: poetry, photography, painting, graphics, etc. Submit your art work by November 19 at 11am ET to

Five things to never ask a transgender person

The ZERO TRANSPHOBIA campaign asked five sisters and brothers of transgender experience to comment on 5 topics/questions that they usually get from cisgender people; questions that might be well intentioned in some cases, but end up being awkward, insensitive or intrusive. Their answers will educate you about their gender identity and will prevent you from making the question again.

Week Against Transphobia

Data about homophobia and transphobia in the U.S. is alarming: by the end of 2017, there were reported 1,218 hate crimes because of a person’s sexual orientation; 764 of these crimes were a result of anti-gay biases.

November 4-10 is an opportunity for community empowerment and mobilization to reach out families, colleagues, coworkers, clients, and anyone to discuss about the negative impact of transphobia and the need to build a safe space for LGBTQ people. Let’s take actions in getting to ZERO TRANSPHOBIA in our communities.


The Oasis Latino LGBTS Wellness Center is hosting a conference press to officially lunch the Zero Transphobia campaign. Community partners, elected officials, and civic leaders will join the event to bring attention to the impact of Homophobia within our communities.

WHEN:     Monday, November 4, 2019, 11:00 AM
WHERE:   Steps of City Hall, New York City
                   Located in City Hall Park | Train R,W to City Hall/Broadway Station