Making a stand for health care access and welcoming immigrants and refugees

Making a stand for health care access and welcoming immigrants and refugees

The Latino Commission on AIDS is committed more than ever to serve as an advocate for those impacted and affected by HIV, Hepatitis, chronic health conditions and ensuring that all people have access to culturally relevant health care services. The Commission joins the thousands of voices protesting President Trump’s Executive Orders—particularly those that ban the entry of refugees into our country; rush orders to build a wall along the Mexican border; repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and threats to prevent federal funding to sanctuary cities and counties throughout the United States.

Not only is this an attack on immigrants, refugees, and Muslim communities; these orders also put many LGBTQ individuals into increasingly dangerous situations as they are attempting to flee life-threatening situations and seek safety in the United States. This is a disturbingly dark moment in our country’s history. These orders will deny health care to millions, among others actions. The Latino Commission on AIDS reiterates our solid commitment to serve without distinctions of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation or immigration status and to advocate for healthy and vibrant communities in throughout the U.S. and its territories.

During his inauguration, President Trump promised to be a leader for all Americans, yet these Executive Orders break the spirit of that commitment. Instead of building walls and further breaking families apart, Mr. Trump needs to consider building bridges between communities across this country.

The Commission along with over seventy Latino and Latino-serving organizations from throughout the United States and Puerto Rico presented recommendations to President Trump’s transition team. We are awaiting a response from the Executive Office. In the meantime, the Commission’s programs will continue to provide an open, safe, and empowering experience for all.

Latino Recommendations to President Donald Trump

Together we will be able to overcome any challenge ahead of us. We honor the people we serve, our partner organizations, and recognize government officials that will condemn any discriminatory policies and actions against those most vulnerable. The Commission stands in solidarity with all of the individuals and communities affected by the Trump administration’s agenda. We stand shoulder to shoulder to speak out against acts of injustice.

We encourage all of you to contact your legislators and share your concerns. Continue to engage in dialogue with families, friends, and neighbors. Our commitment for a better world begins with how we treat each other in our very own communities.

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